CAD automation

Siemens NX is a highly developed CAD program that is used in many industries. The master model concept is a central element in NX for parameterizing components. In this way, similar components (e.g. screws) in different sizes and designs can be designed very quickly.

In the case of more complex components (eg turbine wheels), this parameterization becomes so complicated and time-consuming that it is no longer practicable. With BScript, SoftART has therefore developed a scripting language for NX with which such strongly varying components can be parameterized and constructed very efficiently and easily. In particular, the exact description of free-form surfaces is one of the distinct strengths of this scripting language.

With this extension for NX, we are giving the designer an important tool that substantially expands his possibilities and at the same time increases his efficiency.

You can find examples of the use of the library in the CAD Automation area .