Library for the definition and efficient manipulation of NURBS curves and surfaces in three-dimensional space. Functionalities for lines, point sets, levels and groups of such objects are also available. The range of calculation routines includes point evaluation, distances, sections, iso-curve extraction, extrapolation, fitting, approximation and much more. SoftART.BElements is the calculation kernel and basis for most of SoftART’s tools.


OpenGL rendering (with OpenTK), scene graph, input handling (incl. 3D mouse), routines for loading and processing triangulated geometry, lines, point markers etc. Can also be used in conjunction with the NURBS libraries to create complete CAD models to visualize. Allows direct interaction with the mouse in 3D by moving points, rotating coordinate systems, etc.


Inverse kinematics of 6-axis robots, kinematic chains consisting of rotation and linear axes, as well as transformation nodes, robot targets, simulation of robot paths, calculation of axis speeds and accelerations.