Coating of hot gas housings for gas turbines

Coating of hot gas housings for gas turbines


The company TNB Remaco in Malaysia required the corresponding robot driving programs for the robot-assisted coating of a hot gas housing. Due to the size and geometric complexity of these channels, it was not possible to use the usual teach-in method. That is why SoftART was asked for offline programming via Sulzer Metco, the supplier of the spray booth.


SoftART created suitable replacement surfaces from the existing CAD model, which are ideal for the robot movement. Then, based on these areas, the effective travel points were calculated and the tool direction was determined for each point so that the robot did not collide with the component. The last step was to balance all parameters so that the final robot movement was as smooth as possible.


The robot was mounted on a track so that the components with a size of over two meters could be completely machined in one setting. So that the tool did not have to be too large, the robot was programmed so that the robot was almost completely inside the component at the furthest point.

Robots during coating

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