Pelton Measuring Station

The Problem

The geometry of Pelton buckets must be measured accurately to obtain an optimized efficiency. Since there are no clear reference points on the buckets, it is difficult to get exact positions in absolute coordinates.

The Solution

To capture the geometry, a FaroArm® is used. The centerpiece of the development is a software, which controls the entire process. The software communicates directly with the FaroArm hardware and shows all measured points immediately in a 3D viewer. The program also checks if enough points have been acquired to get the requested accuracy. If this is not the case, the user is directed were to gather more measurements.

After recording the data, the captured geometry can be compared to the CAD-model of the measured runner. Differences are visualized, and a detailed protocol is exported as PDF-file.

Special Features

The software has an autonomous error detection mechanism.  It guarantees an efficient and error free geometry by immediately reporting detected errors to the user.

Display of the referring measuring points (green ok, red to be measured)

Implementation 2012-02-01
Customer Andritz Hydro AG


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