Coating of a hot gas casing for a turbine part

The Problem

The company TNB Remaco in Malaysia needed coating programs to coat a hot gas casing of a gas turbine with robots. Since these casings were very large the standard teaching method for robots was not possible. Sulzer Metco, which delivered the spray booth, asked SoftART to develop an offline programming.

The Solution

We generated optimized substitute surfaces from the CAD-models of the hot gas casing. Based on these surfaces the robot paths were calculated and the tool direction was optimized to avoid collisions. In a last step, all parameters were balanced to allow for smooth and regular robot movements.

Special Features

To be able to process parts with a size of two meters the robot was mounted on a track. The robot was programmed in such a way, that it was almost entirely inside the pipe while coating the backside parts, to avoid having to use a too long lance.


Robot during the coating process

Implementation 2014-05-12


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