Nozzle Design Tool

The Problem

Nozzles for Pelton turbines are strongly standardized. Never the less design and construction of such nozzles is very tedious, because the geometric dimensions have a lot of dependencies.

The Solution

The Nozzle Design Tool calculates all parameters for the CAD-model based on the main hydraulic data. After the calculations, the master model will be cloned automatically, and the data will be loaded into the current model. This results in a ready to use model in very short time.

Special Features

The results of all calculations (incl. material and screw calculations) are written automatically to Pdf -files. This enables the user to have a good overview of the entire process.

The control sketch which is updated constantly shows a preview of the nozzle. This helps the user to reach the optimal design in a step to step approach without having to care about laborious calculations.

GUI of the Nozzle Design Tool

Customer Andritz Hydro AG


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