About us

SoftART AG is an independent engineering- and software- company founded in 1999, which specialises in creating complex software solutions. We are located in Zurich, Switzerland. Although our market focus is primarily in Switzerland and Germany, we work globally.

Our vision

We aim to be a dependable partner for our clients and increase efficiency through the systematic usage of software. To this end we combine engineering knowledge with cutting edge information technology to develop innovative solutions.

Our work

We are confident that many technical processes can be substantially improved by well-directed use of software. We achieve this by the combination of systematic analysis, engineering knowledge and our experience in software development. By a close collaboration with our customers we are able to contribute in the whole solution finding process and are therefore able to deliver the optimized quality.

Our primary operating area is the development of integrated processes through technical-scientific software solutions. Our activity ranges from the automation of CAD- and production processes, offline robot programming to the reverse engineering of construction elements. We support our clients from the project idea over the elaboration of the project-specific solution to the successful realisation.

Based on our specific expertise we offer individual solutions for the digital acquisition of existing construction elements and measuring data plus their visualisation in 3D, technical software maintenance, as well as the development of engineering tools per special requests.


SoftART AG: We perform services to measure, because precision is our passion!


Stephan Schneebeli, CEO


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