About BScript

BScript is a procedural, run-time interpreted programming language developed for the automation and optimization of technical and CAD processes, as well as interaction with external devices. Being a scripting language interpreted at run-time, BScript takes advantage of flexibility and on-the-fly changes.

BScript’s area of focus is CAD geometries; one of BScript’s principal strengths is the ability to generate and manipulate free-form surfaces. This enables the user to efficiently produce and automate the generation of very complex geometry.

Aside from the foundation of a programming language (control structure, variables, etc.), BScript also implements loosely 300 powerful commands to assist the user in typical technical tasks. This keeps BScript universally versatile: from design to manufacture processes or reverse engineering, BScript can be used to automate and optimize.

The base of BScript is a storage structure for geometric objects and general data elements. These can be addressed through names and used as inputs for the subsequent process steps.

Thanks to a scalable architecture, BScript can easily accommodate new commands and expanded logic, be it support for a new external device or a new approach manipulating a CAD geometry object.

In addition to BScript’s base library, BScript supports following applications:

  • Modelling, manipulation, analysis and graphic output of geometric objects, in particular free-form surfaces
  • Seamless interaction with Siemens NX through use of the NXOpen API (Features can be modified, 3D objects altered)
  • Ability to control Windows tasks (Reading/Writing/Parsing files, launching programs, etc.)
  • Interface for Excel
  • Interface to ABB Robotics API
  • Interface to FARO Measurement devices
  • Interface to various ultrasound measurement devices (measurement and analysis)

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