We congratulate our apprentice Ramon Stohr on the completion of his apprenticeship. He graduated from his secondary apprenticeship as computer scientist with an confederate certificate of competence in the scope of application development and finished his one-year practice by writing his final thesis (IPA) at our company.

The thesis named “Implementation of the path planing for the coating of a nozzle tip in our existing offline robot-programming software” deals with the programming of a robot that is supposed to coat the tip of the nozzle of a pelton turbine. The outcome of this work has a direct practical relevance and can be applied in several projects of out clients.

Simulation of the coating of a nozzle tip with a ABB robot

He achieved the excellent final grade 5.6 (with 6.0 being best possible) both with his thesis and the overall score. We compliment him for this remarkable achievement and are happy to welcome him as a permanent software developer in our team starting in August.

Ramon Stohr on the stage during the ZLI/ICT graduation ceremony (Source: ZLI)